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"I called Dr. Alley at Sylvan Chiropractic in serious pain. His office got me in right away. He was very thorough in his examination and educated me along the way. His manner was very friendly and respectful.

The treatment loosened up my neck and relieved the immediate pain. His suggestion was to come back for one more treatment two days later. When I went back and he finished my treatment, my pain was immediately gone.

The rates were very reasonable and the office was very pleasant. I felt comfortable during my two visits and I wouldn't have any hesitation recommending Dr. Seth Alley and Sylvan Chiropractic."


                                                                                               -JR Hinds

Chris Merrill
Chris Merrill
"As a professional musician and entertainer, I need full use of my body. My band's stage show is high energy and high impact, so I can't be slowed down due to an old college football injury rearing it's ugly head. But that's exactly what happened this summer. I was referred to Dr. Alley by several friends who all spoke highly of his skills. I was dealing with shooting pain in both arms that made holding my guitar very difficult, let alone regular daily activities. After only a few sessions, I saw a noticeable difference in my pain level. Within a month of beginning treatment, I was symptom free. Dr. Alley's level of knowledge, as well as his professionalism, is why he's the only chiropractor I'll ever see in the Portland area."
                —Chris Merrill of "Merrill"
“After struggling through the last few years with periodic lower back pain, and 'toughing it out', I went to see Dr. Alley at Sylvan Chiropractic Clinic, and it was the best decision I could have made. Dr. Alley was personable and professional. He diagnosed the problem area, warmed it with a heating pad, and gently put it back in place. It was painless and a lot faster than 'toughing it out' could have been. I completely trust and recommend Dr. Alley to anyone in need of a great Chiropractor!"
                                  — Mike Cowan, Cowan Construction LLC
Stephanie Nychka, Professional Canadian downhill mountain bike racer, and founder of the Slope Sistair bike contest in Vancouver, B.C.--the world's only women's slope-style competition
Stephanie Nychka, Professional Canadian downhill mountain bike racer, and founder of the Slope Sistair bike contest in Vancouver, B.C.--the world's only women's slope-style competition
"When I resided in Portland, I'd sustained a lot of injuries training from mountain biking and in competition. Dr. Alley was the first person I would see to treat everything from bruises to breaks and dislocations and muscle strains. If he didn't have an answer, he'd have found it by my next visit. I was incredibly impressed by his genuine care for my well-being, and his dedication to helping me recover from each injury and achieving optimal performance. As a professional athlete, Dr. Alley's enthusiasm for chiropractic and desire to continue expanding his knowledge made me extremely confident in my decision to entrust my health and future success to him as my doctor."
                                              —Stephanie Nychka

"Riding horses, playing volleyball, riding dirt and mountain bikes, hiking, snowboarding and running puts a toll on my body and increases the recurrence of old injuries.  I have learned that chiropractic care is essential to living a fulfilling life with little to no pain.  After moving from California to Oregon a few years ago I was in need of chiropractic treatment and met Dr. Seth Alley, of Sylvan Chiropractic Clinic, after seeing an ad in a Oregon Symphony program.  During my first appointment, Dr. Alley took the time to listen while I was explaining my busy life, old injuries, and which parts of my body were causing me discomfort.  Since that first appointment I have experienced Dr. Alley's compassionate and thorough treatment.  When you visit his office he does not rush you through the door, but instead takes his time to fix the problem and make certain you are comfortable before leaving.  For more than a year I have been a patient of the Sylvan Chiropractic Clinic and I highly recommend Dr. Alley to all of my friends and family."
                          — Bridget Campbell

                             Advertising Manager, Performing Arts Media

"It was January 1st, and time to take my workouts much more seriously. I had been working out for years, but I felt my results were minimal. This time I was going to do something different! My regular cardio routine was 20 minutes on an elliptical machine. The treadmills always seemed popular - so I thought I should give it a try. I soon was really looking forward to my 30 minutes on the treadmill, but I started developing a pain in my left hip. The pain caused my left hamstring to tighten and become sore. I stretched and took Ibuprofen, but the pain persisted. I kept on running through the pain, denying that running on the treadmill had anything to do with it. I wasn't going to give up my new favorite workout despite the pain - the results were too good! I lived with the pain for 7 months before my husband finally talked me in to seeing Dr. Seth Alley. I couldn't imagine how a chiropractor could possibly help me - I knew it was just pain from running on the treadmill! I didn't want anyone to tell me to give it up! I went to my first visit to see Dr. Alley wearing my regular workout clothes. Dr. Alley did a full examination, used a hot pack to relieve my tight hamstring, did some ultrasound, and did a couple of manipulations. He then took a look at the shoes that I had been running in for over a year. He suggested I look for new shoes that would be better for supporting my feet and my running style. I took his advice and purchased new shoes, trying them out at the gym the next day. Dr. Alley called me right after that to check in, and I was so happy to report that the pain I had been feeling was beginning to diminish! It's been several weeks now, and my hip pain is nearly gone. My cardio routine is more enjoyable than ever, and I have Dr. Seth Alley to thank for giving me new legs!"                                                         
                                                        —Roberta Williams,          

                                                           GRI Real Estate Broker

"Dear Dr. Alley,
I just wanted to make you aware of the fantastic results I have maintained since receiving treatment from you. I am sorry I was resistant at first but I've had numerous unpleasant experiences with other chiropractors. I was very relieved that you listened to my concerns and were willing to work around my objections until I was comfortable. You have sold me on your abilities and level of care. You have no idea how nice it is to be able to breathe and move freely with no discomfort. It has made me a new woman. Thank you again for the healing you provided."
                    —Sherry Alexis
                       Business Owner,                                                                       


Sylvan Chiropractic Clinic and Wellness Center, LLC provides health care and chiropractic care to patients suffering from auto accident injuries, sports injuries, arthritis pain, back injuries and lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, degenerative disc disease, herniated disks, fibromyalgia, elbow and knee joint pain, migraine headaches, neck pain, sciatica, scoliosis, shoulder pain, whiplash, food sensitvity and more. Based in Oregon, Sylvan Chiropractic Clinic and Wellness Center, LLC serves patients from Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Tigard, Aloha, Forest Grove and throughout Washington County and the Portland metro area.