Cholesterol and Blood Lipid Screening

One of the largest health risks facing society today is the effects of high cholesterol and other blood lipids. The main culprits in creating this threat to your health are HDL (also known as “the good cholesterol”), LDL (also known as “the bad cholesterol”), and triglycerides. The ratios of these substances within your bloodstream dictate your chances of developing atherosclerosis, elevated blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. If left untreated, unsafe levels of these substances can even lead to premature death.

Regular screening for these blood lipids is inexpensive, simple, and gives you a better picture of your overall heart and vascular health. In the event that you have unsafe levels of these blood components, steps can be taken to correct these levels with diet, exercise, and simple lifestyle modifications under a conservative treatment plan prior to necessitating more aggressive treatments such as statins.

To provide this service to our patients, our clinic uses a local diagnostic lab called Quest Diagnostics. The blood samples are drawn in our office by Dr. Seth Alley to provide a comfortable, stress-free environment with flexible scheduling options. In some instances, your medical insurance may even cover the cost of these procedures. If you do not have laboratory coverage, we will work with you to keep the lab costs to a minimum so that you do not have to sacrifice your health during these trying economic times. If you have questions regarding cholesterol and blood lipid screening, please contact us for more information.

Hormone Testing

Hormones are secreted by the endocrine glands of your body to modulate the variety of complex physiological reactions. While there are a multitude of hormones whose levels can be tested the bloodstream, the hormones estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone are of particular interest for women and men as they age. For women, changes in the ratio of estrogen to progesterone can indicate serious health concerns such as osteoporosis or cancer, as well as altering the overall quality of daily life by causing weight changes, energy level fluctuations, and “hot flashes.” Testosterone levels for men can dictate energy and libido levels, in addition to muscle maintenance and physical appearance. Simple blood tests performed by Dr. Alley can determine these hormone levels, and a treatment plan can be developed to correct these levels using safe, natural supplements and lifestyle changes. For more information, please contact our office with your questions.

Thyroid Function Testing

The thyroid gland is a very important endocrine gland located within the neck on either side of the trachea. The hormones secreted by this glad are responsible for the general metabolism of the body. Excessive or diminished secretion of these hormones can have effects on the metabolism of the body by accelerating or slowing the rate at which your body uses its resources. These changes in metabolism can alter your body weight, change your energy level, and even lead to depression or anxiety.

There are simple blood tests to determine if your thyroid is not functioning properly. The blood samples necessary for these tests can be drawn in the comfort and tranquility of our offices. If you are experiencing thyroid dysfunction, we can counsel you on a conservative treatment regimen using natural supplements to control your thyroid function without prescription drugs or invasive procedures. For more information, please contact us with your questions.

Laboratory Services

Our office offers a wide variety of diagnostic laboratory testing services for patients. In addition to cholesterol and blood lipid tests, we provide testing for hormone levels, thyroid function, glucose levels, blood chemistry panels, liver function, and kidney health just to name a few. For more information regarding the variety of available diagnostic test options, please click here or call our office to inquire about a specific test.

In many instances, your medical insurance may provide for coverage for these diagnostic laboratory tests. For those patients that either do not have insurance coverage or prefer not to utilize their insurance for these tests, we offer reasonable and inexpensive cost options in comparison to other private laboratory facilities. Please call or contact us for more information.